Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Movies

A couple weeks ago, we had to rearrange our televisions so that we could hook up a bottom of the line Blue Ray Player out in the family room. The older TV we had out there didn't have the hook up for it, so we switched it for the one in our bedroom. Anyways...

The TV that is now in the family room, is newer, and has the video components on the front of the which television which makes it easier for hooking up our video camera.

For the last week, we've been watching home movies from the last 13 years. There was a stack of about ten to twelve video tapes that weren't labeled, so we've been watching the videos and labeling. We took SO much video when Hannah was a baby. I knew we'd not taped a lot of Rachel as a baby, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how much we have taped! Thank goodness, because I was starting to really feel sad that we'd not taped anything and was starting to feel guilty every time Rachel asked to watch a video of her as a baby. We managed to get a lot of the important stuff of her on video. :::whew:::

What has been funny, is the reaction of Rachel when she'd see Hannah opening or playing with something that was or is now 'hers'. LOL. Poor Rachel, she got a lot of hand me downs. In recent months, the girls had been fighting over something, and when we got to the movie whereas Hannah was opening the present, we were able to convince Rachel that it really was indeed Hannah's. LOL.

It's been funny to see how the girls' attitudes and looks and moodiness really isn't something new, but we've been dealing with it for a few years now. Something we hadn't really realized until we witnessed it on video.

We've also learned a few lessons: 1) Don't video tape every single opening of birthday and Christmas presents. It's boring. Tape if you know there's something big, or something the child will be happy about, but otherwise, save the tape! 2) No need for the commentary. And this is directed right at me. No need to recite the date, it's embedded in the video. No need for the play by play. It's dumb and dorky...thirteen years later. LOL. 3) At parties or events, scan the room and get glimpses of who's at the special event. It's the people that are fun to look back at years down the road.

We haven't taped anything in about three years. Sad really. Because there have been birthday parties, milestones, and miscellaneous other things that would have been great to have captured on video. We have a blank tape and the camera is all ready to go for todays big events - the first day of school!! Hannah starts the 4th grade and Rachel starts Kindergarden!


Joy Howse said...

LOL, i get ya on the video thing. We did the walk down memory lane about 6 months ago and I got so annoyed by my commentary in the background and asking the kids to say goodbye everytime I turned the segment off. UGH!! way to go mom! :) We don't have as much video of Aiden as I would like so I REALLY need to work on that. There just aren't enough hands with that little dare devil around to have one occupied by a video camera. I need both hands to catch him when he starts jumping/falling :)

Hope the kids both enjoyed their first day of school.

Letti said...

I too wish that I would have taped more of my kids. We have been watching home videos too.

Liz said...

We have like 5 tapes of Savannah from birth to age 4. We have ONE tape of Samuel from birth to just shy of 1yr old...the tape's not even full. We have about 30 min of tape of Sarah. Our video camera broke when she was a couple months old & we've never replaced it. I want to, but we just never have. I really want a Flip video!!!


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