Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Day of School

We officially have both kids in Elementary School! Gone are the days of preschool and preschool things. Gone are the days of running to two separate schools at completely different ends of town. We've entered a new season of our life!

Tomorrow will be when reality will set in as Rachel will actually stay for her school day as opposed to going for Kindergarden Orientation and coming home with us. Tomorrow will be the first day of having both children in school, every day of the weekday!

So far, the school year ahead looks great. I LOVE Hannah's teacher and am happy to be with some of the families we've known for a few years. And happy to be some families I look forward to getting to know better. Rachel's teacher believe it or not, I'm not sure if she remembers, but she was my camp counselor for Jr High Church Camp when we spent a week at Catalina...that was SO long ago. But it's neat to have her as my daughters very first school teacher. We only know one other family in the class, friends from church and we're happy to be with them. We noticed during orientation this morning that there is a little girl in her class that has two Mommies. That'll make for an interesting year.

The first day is behind us, homework is done, all the essential paperwork filled out. And we're working on getting back into the routine of being back in school! Tomorrow night is Open House!

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