Saturday, September 11, 2010

Progressive Dinner

Last night, our church had a progressive dinner. About thirty seven people participated and it was a lot of fun.

There were five houses involved if you had kids. LOL. One of the houses was the drop off for the kids to be babysat by the Youth ministry. The church projector was set up on the patio for movies and another TV was set up for games and pizza was ordered. Once the girls were dropped off, it was off to the houses with food for us! :)

We went to four different houses, all within a mile radius. The first house was appetizers. Second house was salad and soup. Third house was the main course (chicken enchiladas, beans, sweet corn bread, chips and salsa). And the fourth house was dessert.

It was a beautiful evening weather wise. We were outside at all the houses. Dinner was served at tables that were set up poolside, as was dessert at the last house. It was fun going house to house and sitting and fellowshipping with different people at each stop.

It would be fun to do it again in a few months, but with different host families, assuming we could stay within the city and have short traveling bouts.


For many, many years, my Dad's side of the family used to do a progressive dinner in the early month of December, so that everyone could see how everyone decorated for the holidays. It was a yearly tradition for many, many years when I was growing up. And then there was a break for a few years in my late teenager years and then we did it again the first year or two we were married. I remember doing appetizers when we lived in the condo. Soon after, the family progressive dinners stopped, as the family was just getting larger and larger and the changing family dynamics and underlying disputes.

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Letti said...

We used to do these with our church as well. It has been a while for me too. I love the Christmas idea that you did with your dads family. What a great tradition.


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