Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day of Work - Outside the Home

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and into something new.

Today, I dawned my nursing uniform for the first time in almost eleven years and worked outside the home as a nurse. Out of my comfort zone of being a Stay at Home Wife, out of my comfort zone of being a Stay at Home Mom.

I didn't realize just how comfortable I was in those two positions until I was up and getting ready to go to work today as a professional nurse. I was nervous. As anyone would be the first day of any new job, but I haven't worked outside the home since I was three months pregnant with Hannah, since October 1999.

I've been staying informed and gleaning information from a message board I found online specifically for nurses who work with this agency. The last several nights, I've reviewed setting up, reviewed all the paperwork, reviewed how these new syringes work via a video.

I took Rachel to school. And then off to a Sam's Club in a neighboring city. I got there early, checked ini with the RUDE manager, and went and sat and waited for the pharmacy to open so that I could get my supplies and get to work. Upon trying to clock in via my cell phone, it didn't recognize my ID number or the clinic. To make a long story short, I had to call and speak to an actual person and she was able to clock me in. I spent over twenty minutes trying to clock in. After that, I went to town setting up all the consents, etc. The other nurse joined me at 10:00 and it was me and her until I was off at 3:00.
This was before I got my supplies and had everything set up.

After the rough start of the morning, the rest of the day went great. I learned the ropes of all the consents, the insurance and Medicare stuff and I gave my first injection in over ten years. And the patient didn't even flinch. LOL. It was a slow day, and I only gave 8 Flu Shots today. But it was a great day of learning from the other nurse and getting things down pat for when I work again. Which if I don't obtain any more shifts, I don't work until the 24th.

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