Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Morning Home

We've been given a morning of thunder and lightening storms this morning with some bouts of pretty hard rain off and on.

It's been awesome.

This morning I was supposed to go to my book study that I normally attend every other Wednesday. But it's been a busy few days/weeks/month that I really felt like staying home and just taking it easy. Hannah has a dentist appointment this afternoon to get her spacer put in and I have a hair cut this evening after dinner, and I just wanted a morning home. So I'll be running this afternoon a bit. But this morning, I am so glad I opted to stay home.

Just about every window in the house is open and the coolness of the June morning is filtering in. Rachel and I are listening for thunder and are amazed at how hard the rain comes down at times. It's fun to listen to it fall on our aluminum patio cover. Everything has been given a good rinsing off of the dust and dirt that's been collected for months. This is the first rain we've had in I don't know how long....February? Maybe March?

Thank You Lord for the rain and for the coolness of the morning and for giving everything a good rinsing, we much needed it.


Letti said...

I love this weather we are having. We don't get to hear thunder very often so it was quite a nice change.

Joy Howse said...

Not a big fan of thunder and lightening. Had to hold my anxiety together when the big booms would happen and 20 pairs of 3rd grade eyes would look to me for reassurance, all the while I wanted to crawl into my bed and drown out the noise. Not a storm girl.


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