Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taking a Load Off...

If you read my post about my hair back in February, you'd know I was letting my hair grow out so that I could donate it.

With the heat and the heaviness of my hair, I wasn't sure just how much longer I could hold out on letting my hair grow out. My hair is so thick and heavy that I sometimes think it contributes to my headaches, I especially know that is true for when my hair is all pulled up.

I was excited when I discovered that Pantene Beautiful Lengths excepts hair donations at 8 inches! That would be just enough to donate and still leave me with some length!

Last night, I got my hair cut! The donation directions are to send in clean, dry hair (DUH!). So I washed my hair and blew it dry yesterday and I did not put hot rollers in it like I normally do to get out the kinks and frizzies. So in this before picture, my hair looks all kinky and frizzy. The length of my hair came just below my bra in the back.I had just a little over ten inches taken off. There was 9 inches for donating and then a little bit more for the trimming it up nicely along with some layers. As my friend cut it, I literally could feel the weight easing a bit on my head, LOL. My hair is that heavy! My hair shrinks a lot once it's dried, so it's a little shorter than I originally wanted it to be left, but you know, it's just hair. It'll grow. It's amazing how my hair looked a lot longer on my head than in my hands.And today, I shall put it in a padded envelope and take it to the Post Office and send it to Pantene.

I send it to Pantene on behalf of my friend Diana Garcia, whom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last summer.

On behalf of Stacey Biorkman Rouse, whom I've never met in person, but is the twin sister of a friend, diagnosed with Breast Cancer last Fall.

And on behalf of Janice Shepherd, the sister-in-law of another friend, who I have met once or twice, also diagnosed with Breast Cancer earlier this year.

All three women have lost their hair due to their cancer treatment and all three women have had a need for a wig.

And my hope is that perhaps by donating just a fraction of all the hair the Lord has blessed me with, will bless another!


Letti said...

What a great thing you did. I think your hair looks really good that length.

Darcy said...

Thank You Letti. :)

Janice said...

Oh, God bless you Darcy! What an honor! Thanks from all those going without hair!


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