Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm No Ace of Cakes, but...

About six years ago I took a cake decorating class at Micheal's Craft Stores. I did it primarily for when my children (then it was only Hannah) had birthdays as well as any family cakes, etc. However, over the years, I've done a few cakes for friends kids' parties, preschool events, etc.

Last Thursday, when I was at Walmart entering the cake decorating aisle, I ran into a dear friend from church. She was purchasing things she needed for her daughters Sweet 16 cake for the big upcoming party over the weekend. I stood there giving her ideas as to how she could decorated the cake, and then I finally just told her that I decorated cakes and I was more than happy help her if she needed my help. You could tell she was relieved at my offer.

I was blessed to be able to spend about four hours on Saturday morning putting together and decorating such a special occasion cake with a friend I love to spend time with. We had some good chuckles and some good fellowship. It was a wonderful Saturday morning...and the cake turned out great too!

This was my biggest cake thus far. The cake itself was six cakes, but we pieced it all together to be a three tier cake. I piped a star border with a tinge of yellow around each layer and we put black edible candies in the center of every other star.The party theme was that of a red carpet event with all the glitz and glam and stars. So each tier had those red ropes that keep people off the red carpet. And then of course a red carpet down the side of the cake. This is as far as we took the cake before it needed to be transferred to the party location. And this is the lovely girl who it was all for.This is the cake at the party location. All the stars and and shimmering things were added after transporting the cake. I think the cake turned out awesome! And the birthday girl loved it!I actually have another cake to do this weekend!! It's for a special little boy who's turning one and his party them is FROGS!!!

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Joy Howse said...

WOW, that cake looks great. And that special boy that will get the cake this weekend is a lukcy little guy to have you making it. :) We can't wait to see it.


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