Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hannah's school is a public school that places emphasis on visual and performing arts. One of the yearly requirements is for each class to put on a performance of some sort. Some performances are short and some performances are long. Some performances are simple, and some are big, elaborate, planned out, and well, to be totally honest...a major pain in the butt.

Let me explain.

Hannah's class is combining with ten, yes ten, other classes this year for their performance. They have been working extremely hard on it for the last month and a half. Their big performance will be three days in the first week of March.

The performance I know will be amazing. One of the teachers has actually directed musicals and plays at one of the local theaters. She's worked with professionals and likes things to look professional. All qualities that add to a good performance.

But I have to be totally honest and say, that I CANNOT wait until this performance is done, over with, and behind us!

Within the first couple of weeks of deciding what to do, etc, etc. A note came home asking for $10 for a shirt that everyone, all twenty kids in all eleven classes will wear. Okay, no problem. Then a note came home saying all kids had to wear black pants, black socks, and black shoes. Um, okay. I had to go out and buy new black pants for Hannah because she'd gone through a growth spurt and the ones she had no longer were fit to wear out in public other than if camping when who cares what you look like. I also had to buy black socks, because she had none. And while she did own two pairs of black shoes up until recently, the boots finally bit the dust and broke at school (LOL....remind me to post about THAT phone call from the school nurse!), and the other pair comes off when she kicks, runs, skips and will be a problem considering in this performance she is kicking, dancing about, rolling on the floor, etc. Therefore, the hunt is on for a new pair of black shoes.

One of the other things that preparing for this performance required was to find a costume of a professional person that the student wanted to portray. My first thought was Hannah could be a nurse. Let her wear one of my old scrub tops, give her my stethoscope the day of the performance, even let her wear my nurses cap.

Nope. Too many nurses and doctors already.

Okay, back to square one.

How about a veterinarian, I had a cute scrub top with animals and paw prints and it was something Hannah REALLY wanted to do. Something she'd like to do when she grows up.

Nope. Too many kids already wearing scrubs as doctors, nurses, veterinarians.

How about a Karate instructor...NOPE.

How about a chef/cook? We food her apron and chef hat and she was really excited about this possibility. NOPE. Too many cooks/chefs.

They (the teacher in charge of this madness) kept the apron and decided if they folded it in half, she would be a waitress! Yea, cause that's professional. @@ <~~~ me rolling my eyes. So Hannah came home excited about that. And then on Tuesday, we were at school for a PTA meeting and we ran into Hannah's teacher in the hallway. She had just come from meeting with the teacher who is 'in charge'. She had this black top with a white lace collar and she told me that Hannah was now going to be a maid!! And that she was working on finding her a colorful feather duster. The first thought that came to my mind was the Halloween parade of 2007 when girls were dressed as French Maids, see my post and pictures about that one! And then I started thinking about what other parents will think if they think my daughter chose to be a maid?!?!? Truth be told, she didn't get to be anything she picked!!! Somewhere along the line, along all the frustration, we told Hannah to just roll with the punches and be cooperative. Yea, look where it got my daughter, she's a maid!

Today, when she got in the car, she told me the teacher told her she needed to wear black stretchy pants because it'll work better with the skirt she has to quickly slip on. HUH??? 1) I already bought new black pants specifically for this performance and 2) way back at the start of this, a friend asked if black leggings were okay to wear and we were told 'No'!

I am so frustrated over all this. And really, really can't wait for the first week of March to be over with. LOL.


Joy Howse said...

YIKES!!! Sounds like overkill for an elementary performance. Some people take it too serious. I am sure it will be great, and I can't wait for the pictures that will follow. And, who cares if there are too many doctors, nurses, whatever... if that is what they want to be then so be it. I pray that everything will go smoothly between now and the performance and that no more 'to buy' lists will come home.

Darcy said...

Thanks Joy!

Liz said...

Oh no!!! I would feel the same way! And yeah...when you started describing the maid outfit, I was thinking of that SAME picture/post you mentioned here! Ugh. Lord, make it pass quickly!

Now......tell us the story about the nurse's call!!


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