Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jack's Broken Head

What a great campaign Jack in the Box has going on right now.

They have this entire web site set as a result of Jack getting hit by a bus. He is currently in the hospital, in a coma, suffering from a broken head. Apparently they've been running commercials, but since we have TiVo, we don't watch commercials. You can see all the coverage of Jack's accident on this site Hang in There Jack. At the top of the website you can click on the "See this blog from first post" and it takes you to the very beginning of the story.

But today, and today only, Jack in The Box is giving away two free tacos when you bring this coupon in to a participating Jack in The Box. It's their way of saying Thanks for supporting Jack and his broken head.

On our way home from school, we stopped and got our free tacos. I had my coupon and Hannah had hers. If I knew it was going to be that easy, I'd have given Rachel a coupon as well!

There's still time, print out your coupon and get your free tacos!


Joy Howse said...

I sent Dale off to work today with his coupons in hand. That was an easy lunch packed. :) Now if only all of them were as easy as hitting the print button.

Paige Garner said...

Thanks, Darcy! I'm off to get mine now! :)


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