Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

It's a New Year. A new start so to speak. What are you hoping 2009 holds for you and your family???


Joy Howse said...

Less medical and financial drama. I just want to get back to basics and start enjoying life again. And you?

Darcy said...

This year potentially holds a lot for our family.

Rachel has a craniofacical appointment the end of January. We skipped it last year. So that alone right there is a HUGE medical bill we have to pay 100% out of our pocket because of the lame way Loma Linda bills our insurance. We expect Rachel will have a nose revision this year and it would be my preference for it to be done before she starts kindergarten in August. Another huge milestone.

I want 2009 to be a year of growing closer as a family. Closer to the Lord. Closer to the things that are important.

Liz said...

Check your emails. I'm sending you an invitation to a private blog I've started. You'll see one of my big goals for 2009 there.


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