Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls

I've mentioned before about how I LOVE Rachel's teacher this school year. But I love her even more now that she's gone to all the work, trouble, and time to make me a pan of Pioneer Woman's Famous Cinnamon Rolls!!!!

This lovely package was given to me yesterday morning as a gift of appreciation for volunteering in Rachel's classroom every Monday. I was beyond excited when I learned that they were Pioneer Woman's recipe! A recipe I've been wanting to try, but am intimidated by any recipe that calls for yeast.This morning, I could hardly wait to pop that pan into the oven and warm those sweet looking rolls up to 'warm and bubbly' as the gift card instructed to do.

The house soon began to smell like fresh baking cinnamon rolls! There were six cinnamon rolls in all, and thank goodness Rachel did not want one (she's still being extremely picky about what she'll eat and not eat), but I did share with Steven and Hannah.My conclusion: They were absolutely amazing!!!

No matter what, I must overcome my hesitation in baking with yeast and give this recipe a try and make these for myself and my loved ones!


Kim said...

I made them last year to give away to neighbors and friends, and I thought they were pretty good. However, it might be an overwhelming to do as a first time recipe of this type because it makes A LOT! I've been making cinnamon rolls for years, but I was surprised at the sheer volume of this

Darcy said...

It's funny, cause as I wrote this post, I went and really read over her recipe and I had no idea it made so many!! I might have to make them on a Saturday and then be able to take some to church the next day for the coffee table!

Liz said...

Darcy, I'm so glad to hear that someone else is hesitant to make anything that requires the use of yeast. I've never tried b/c it intimidates me!


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