Monday, August 9, 2010

Working in the Classroom

Last Tuesday night was Back to School night at school. We visited both the girls classes, met the teachers (although I already knew Rachel's), and got the scoop for each class.

I told myself I was not going to commit to working in Rachel's classroom once a week like I did last year. Working in her Kindergarten class, every Monday from 8-11:30 made for a very LONG morning. So I was going to sign up for every other Monday.

But as Rachel's teacher was going over her needs of her class, she said she needed a Monday morning person, and would like the same one, etc. I had already filled in my name on the calendar for every other Monday, but I went ahead and told her I'd be her Monday person and starting today, I'll work in Rachel's class every Monday from 8:00 to around 10:00.

While Rachel had a substitute today, her teacher, Mrs. Thompson left me a list of things to do. She even texted me this morning to tell me she had a list of things for me to do sitting on the back table. And when I got to class, I found everything I needed (stapler, paper clips, stamp, etc,) sitting there for me to work on.

Can I just say I LOVE MRS. THOMPSON!!!!

I had the opportunity to work with her last year as she is the coordinating teacher for our school's attendance program. And I got to know her a little bit as she comes to the PTA meetings. I was in her classroom a little bit at the end of the school year and I knew that if my request was honored, Rachel was going to have a wonderful school year for 1st grade.

I already had a good impression of Mrs Thompson when our school year began. But my impression of her went through the roof on the first day of school! She sent home a little booklet detailing all the details of her class, etc. She has a separate colored folder for homework, a folder for daily notes (PTA flyers, etc, and a piece of lined paper inside for writing notes back and forth to her), a folder for graded work, a folder in their desks. This woman is ORGANIZED and I love it!!!

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