Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Went to Disneyland Today...

...All by Myself.

For months, I've been saying that once the girls are back in school, I'd go to Disneyland by myself. And I planned in my head that I would go today, but last night and even a little bit this morning, I started to have second thoughts about going by myself.

But I went. And you know, it was a great morning. I'm so glad I went.

I dropped the girls off at school, hopped on the freeway, and made it to Disneyland shortly before 9:00am. I've been experiencing some irritableness (thanks to that little thing called PMS) and once I walked down Main Street, I felt better.

I spent my morning strolling through the park, getting on rides that would normally hear some sort of objection from one of my children, and I sat and people watched.

Grabbing a chocolate muffin and a coke (nothing like a Disneyland Coke!) from the Main Street Bakery, I found the popular porch on Main Street to be empty and that is where I sat, for close to an hour, enjoying my muffin and Coke, and enjoying watching people stream into the park.I watched people streaming in down Main Street. Some you could tell they were there for the day - strollers loaded and heavy looking backpacks dawned. People stopping along the side to lather themselves and their children in sunscreen. Little girls walking in all dressed up as their favorite princess. Something my girls used to do as well, Hannah more than Rachel. And amazed at how many people wear impracticable shoes to walk around Disneyland all day - sandals, flip flops, wedged shoes. I can't imagine wearing those types of shoes all day!

As I sat there and watched all these people, the mothers with their kids, I was a little sad that the season of coming with my girls in the middle of the week is over. But at the same time I was thankful that I had so many years of that season. I had years where it was just me and Hannah, and I had some years where it was just me and Rachel, and now I have years of it just being me! :) Cause yes, I plan on going back to Disneyland all by myself again!


Carolyn said...

I remember the first time I went with just M and K was in kindergarten ~ every little girl that passed by made me miss my little girl......why was MY girl in school and they got to have their child home?? And then I came to enjoy the one on one time with the second child. Not sure if I am ready to go alone :) Glad you had fun!!!!!!

Jon and alyssa said...

My Mom went to Dland last week by herself. She too had been saying that she was going to go by herself, and she did. She LOVED it!


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