Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're Going Camping...Again

Can you believe we're going camping again??? In like two days! Do I have everything ready you ask?? NO, I don't. But for some reason I'm much more relaxed about packing this time. Maybe it's because we now have a camp box and it's stocked. I have a few things to add to it since our trip to Mammoth, but it essentially has everything we need. If not, we're camping with two families who have trailers.

We are going to a California State campground that sits atop bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I can't wait to soak in the ocean for a few days. To fall asleep at night in our tent to the roar of the ocean, and hopefully not the sounds of the nearby PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). We're going with three other families from church. And I think I heard mention at church on Sunday that some families might come down for the day and evening for fun and fellowship. At any rate, I enjoy spending time with all the people going. And it will be an adventure camping somewhere new.

Now all I have to do is get us packed and ready to go.


Liz said...

ohhh...that will be an awesome trip! We went down the PCH last summer & went to a beach in Malibu. I want to say I saw a sign that said Roy Rogers beach....maybe? Does that ring a bell? Anyway, it was absolutely the most beautiful place!! Take lots of pictures for us!

Darcy said...

Yea, um, Pretty sure Roy Rogers doesn't have a beach named off him. LOL.

We will be further South than where you were. We're going to be just North of San Diego.

PCH runs a great length of the coast of California. Beautiful, beautiful drive.

Oh you know me, I'll take lots of pics!

Liz said...

Oh well... it was someone. Maybe there is another ___ Rogers beach in Malibu? LOL


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