Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Camping Box

This is our camping box. It has all the essentials for camping in the great outdoors, or at least all the ones we've discovered thus far for camping. In the bottom there is a dish pan and large stock pot for washing dishes, as well as other frying pans, coffee pot, a little broom and dust pan for the tent, etc. The box is stocked with paper plates, cups, plastic plates, coffee mugs, all the utensils you would need, trash bags, ziploc bags, and a lot of other stuff.

My Uncle made this box for us this last Spring. I've primered it and painted it and we put rope handles on for easier carrying. Both my Uncle and my brother have a similar box, theirs are old foot lockers of my Uncle's from when he served in the Marines. I remember seeing my brothers box for the first time and was pretty impressed with how it had everything they needed for camping. These days Robbie doesn't bring his camping box anymore, he has a much larger camping box now, a camping box in the form of a trailer! LOL.

At any rate, I'm excited to use it this week! And again in Mid July when we go camping on the cliffs of the Southern California coast with church friends!


Kim said...

That looks like a great box! I've been wanting to get a little better organized but haven't done it yet. We use two Rubbermaid containers: one for tents, pads and tarps; and the other for all the other stuff. It works okay, but everything always falls to the bottom of the "stuff" box. I like that yours has a nifty tray!

Darcy said...

Yeah, the last couple of times we've gone camping, I've done a big rubbermaind box for our kitchen like stuff. But everything gets so unorganized in that. This way, we can just store everything for camping in the box and store it in the shed for the next camping trip.

This will be our first time using it and I'm excited to use it. LOL.


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