Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Tunnels. Don't you love them?? Growing up, whenever we were on road trips and came across a tunnel, it was tradition for my Dad to honk the horn while passing through. Who else's Dad did that??

And now, it's something Steven does when we pass through a tunnel, although I think it's more for me than the girls. I don't think they fully understand how cool tunnels are just yet. LOL.

We passed through a very old tunnel this last weekend when exploring the hills of Hollywood. Pay no attention to how dirty the car windshield is.


Angela said...

My dad would honk and me and my brother would hold out breath as long as we could. My brother always won.

Angela said...

One more thing. Praying for good neighbors works. I said a prayer every night for Christian neighbors with kids. I got it let me tell you. It someone from my Church (my church is very large so I didn't know them until they told me)and they have 5 kids. So prayer for neighbors totally works you just need to be specific. :) What is sad now is I am losing my house and moving to Alabama. That was another prayer but a story for another day.

Darcy said...

Thanks Angela for your encouragement about new neighbors. I know God can answer my specific prayers for Christian neighbors, He's done it once before....LOL. Sorry you're having to leave your home and move to Alabama.

Sarah Buffington said...

My Dad always honked the horn numerous times :) Now whenever Matt and I go into tunnels we do it too. One of the fun joys of traveling.