Friday, July 11, 2008

The Adventures of Getting an iPhone!

Steven has been wanting an iPhone ever since they first came out a year ago. But with medical bills, and the fact he couldn't get out of his current cell phone contract, he didn't get one. When Apple announced a month ago that the new and updated iPhones would be released today, faster, better, and cheaper, it's been a countdown!

Steven was able to quit work at 2:30 today. Which made it all the more convenient to go in search of stores with iPhones in stock. So off we went to the nearest Apple Store. And upon walking up, it was a good sign that there was a line out the door, that meant they had them!!

But little did we know that line not only was out the door, but it went around the side, the length of the building, and then the length of the back of the building, and half way down the side of the other buildings. So in line we got.

Knowing this was going to be an event worth blogging, I went back to the car to get my camera. And this my friends, is a pictorial of how we spent our Friday night, our adventures to getting Steven an iPhone.

The very end of the line. It was 4:30 when we got in line.
The Apple Store dude showing people in line the three types of iPhones available today.
The Apple Store staff was very hospitable. They continually came through the line offering iced coffee and iced tea.
Over 3 hours, it's 7:51 pm.
Almost there. It's now 8:05 and we are about five people from entering the store. Where we'll stand in another line.After standing in a line where they wait for an Apple Store specialist to become available to help you, we were finally given over to a specialist about 8:45pm. By the time they switched over Steven's work phone number and got everything set up, it was 9:20pm.Hannah wanted to carry the cute little bag. When people saw me taking a picture of my 8 year old holding an iPhone bag, I'm sure they thought we'd bought her one. LOL. Steven played with his iPhone walking all the way out to the car. Once inside the car, he went to town in downloading an application. It's now almost midnight, and we've been home for about two hours and what have we been doing? Steven's been playing on his new iPhone of course, and me, I've been blogging. We're such technology geeks. LOL.


Liz said...

And the girls waited in line all that time (other than Rachel's trip to Claire's?) and did OK? My kids would've lost it after waiting that long!

Darcy said...

Yeah, they did great for the most part. Got a little restless the last 45 minutes of the whole thing.

I keep this purple backpack in the back of my van that has coloring books, beading, some little clip building things, etc. So when I went back to the car to get my camera, I grabbed the backpack and one of the Magna Doodles in the car and threw it all in the stroller. That kept them busy off and of.

Me and the girls went on search of dinner in the food court, but other than that, they stood with us in line. We rewarded them with ice cream on the way home. LOL.


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