Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Personal Blogs

The internet is filled with a lot of sites. Sites to shop. Sites for news. Sites for this and for that. And there's personal sites, such as this blog, or many others like it.

And while I enjoy and frequent a lot of those other sites, my most favorite are the personal web sites and blogs, the windows into a persons life, their family, their ups and their downs.

In the world of blogging, there are familiar and well known bloggers. For example, almost everyone who reads personal websites and blogs knows the name "Pioneer Woman." While others recognize the blog names of Rocks in My Dryer, BooMama, and the countless hundreds of other blogs.

It's almost like a little society where people know about each other and their blogs. It's because authors of such sites do open up and through their writing make you feel as though you know them in real life (IRL). So when something happens to one of these bloggers, the word spreads like a wildfire.

Last week, as I was making it down the list of bookmarked blogs I read, Leah over at South Breeze Farm, shared that Joanne from The Simple WIfe, had suffered a stroke while walking the treadmill that morning, she was found laying beside the treadmill, in a heap, by one of her daughters. Joanne is only 38 years old. 38 years old and she is in critical condition, deep in a coma. Her husband and best friend are keeping her blog updated. Her husband keeps people informed through his status updates on Facebook. It is such a sad, sad situation. The girls, who've been home schooled the last year and a half were put into a private Christian school and they started this morning. Their little world has been rocked up side down.

Pray for Joanne. For her husband, and for her children. For their entire family.


Letti said...

That is so sad. One thing about having it out in blog land is that more people will hear her story and more people will be able to pray for her family.

Liz said...

I've been reading Joanne's blog, too. What is your husband's name on FB? I want to send him a friend request to get updates, but I don't recall his name.

Darcy said...

You mean HER husbands name?!?! LOL. His FB wall is wide open, so I did not request to be his friend.

His name is Toben Heim.

Carolyn said...

I was just reading about Joanne tonight, too. Small world this computer life has made for us all :)


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