Friday, December 18, 2009

The End of an Extremely Busy Week

Whoa. It's been a busy week for me, thus the lack of posts this week.

It seems like once Monday morning came, I hit the ground running and really haven't stopped much this week. I've spent two FULL days at the girls' school this week and what I can say is that I am extremely grateful the girls are at the same school this year. Last year they were at separate schools, in different cities. LOL.

Today was the last day of school for the year and the girls are super excited, as were many of the kids at school today. You could just feel the classrooms oozing with excitement and chaos when you walked through the halls. Many classes had parties and sugary treats and red punch were high on the party lists. Of course it didn't help that I donated three gallons of punch from the Kindergarten cookie reception to the teachers lounge. So the entire school was on a sugar high today. Ah, tis' the season, right??

This evening we have an event to go to for Hannah, and the entire family has been invited to come and participate. It involves Christmas caroling around a friends neighborhood and then back to their house for treats and hot chocolate. There will be a whole gaggle of girls around Hannah's age participating. And then the rest of the TOTALLY FREE! We have no place we have to be, or scheduled to be. Which is rather nice after the week I've had.

So this weekend will find me catching up on laundry, finishing up my grocery list for Christmas grocery shopping, and perhaps some baking and miscellaneous other household things, oh and thinking about getting our stuff in order to go camping two days after Christmas....

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Joy Howse said...

Through all the chaos it still is nice to have a wonderful time. may you continue to have a wonderful time as we inch closer to Chirstmas.


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