Saturday, December 12, 2009

A New Phone!

It hardly seems appropriate to write this next post after reaching out and ministering to the needy and then hours after doing so, going and making a purchase of such a nice phone. But as one friend reminded me, don't knock the Lords blessings however they may come.

Steven's contract was up today with AT&T, therefore he was eligible for a new phone. I've regretted not getting an iphone since the month after Steven got his. And today, my wonderful husband got a new iPhone and then turned around and gave it to me!I now have a good phone and have passed down the horrible cell phone I had to the girls to play with. And boy are they happy!!! As am I to have a good working phone whereas I can hear it better and now have the availability to text if need be!!

1 comment:

Letti said...

You are going to love it. I sure love mine.


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