Monday, June 24, 2013


I knew I had to get back on track with getting some exercise in. My foot has been feeling much better, and as much as I miss walking, I don't miss the excruciating pain I'd have in my foot when I get up in the  night to go to the bathroom, or first thing in the morning, or any time I get up after having sat for an extended amount of time.

We walked last Saturday, up Mt Rubidoux. It'd been the first time I'd walked in two weeks. Let's just say it was a BIG MISTAKE. My foot had been feeling really good, and then we walked up the mountain and I could hardly walk by the time we got home. Someone suggested that all the incline wasn't a good idea on my feet that hadn't walked in two weeks. So for the time being, I've sworn off walking Mt. Rubidoux.

But this morning, I got up, got going, dawned my walking shoes and grabbed my ear buds and walked. I'm starting off easy. I only walked 1.6 miles and I'm thinking maybe I should try every other day for a while. I didn't walk very fast, but I did get out there and walk. My foot did hurt/ache with just about every step the first half of my walking. But I came home and stretched and hopefully it'll be good to go walking again in another day.
I looked at Runkeeper this afternoon at my records for the last six months. June has been by far the worst month of my walking! I've only walked 12 miles this month! I'm trying not to get too depressed about that as I really was needing to rest my foot. On a more positive uplook, I've walked 348 miles since January 2nd! That's way more miles than I walked (for exercise) last year!

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