Friday, June 21, 2013

Exercise: It's Dangerous for Your Heath!

Exercise, it's dangerous for your health!!!

If you read my prior post about the weight loss and exercise kick I'm on, then you're up to speed as to how I've been exercising. But I'm tellin ya, it's given me problems! LOL.

So I've dropped a good amount of weight. I've got some weight off my knees, and my feet, but for the last 2-3 months I've had this horrible pain in my heel. I thought it was heel spurs, but after inquiring as to what it could be as a post on my Facebook page, and then researching it on the internet, I'm pretty sure, I have plantar fasciitis. It's horribly painful and is only in my right foot. I've been  doing some stretching exercises I found online and have absolutely not been going around the house barefoot, in addition to taking some time off from my excessive walking, as a result it's starting to feel a lot better this week!!

But,  as if that wasn't enough! Two weeks ago, I spent almost three hours in Urgent Care as a result of finding excessive blood in my urine. My history was taken, as was some blood work, and an Xray to rule out a possible kidney stone. The diagnosis: the blood was a result of an excessive exercise session the night before in the form of an eleven mile bike ride! Turns out that excessive exercise in a single session can cause blood in your urine! Google it, then you'll really believe me!

See, they say exercise is good for you, but I have proof it's harmful! LOL.

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Liz said...

I had plantar's fasciitis a couple years ago. I just read your next post, where you described the pain you've dealt with & I was pretty sure that's what you were describing. Now reading this post I'm sure of it.

I hurt my foot in January & it wasn't TOTALLY healed until July. Just take it easy on your foot. When it hurts, stop. Buy some inserts for all your shoes. I got the Dr. Scholl's heel pain ones. I switched them from 1 pair of shoes to another so that I didn't have to buy several pairs of them. I think I went through about 3-4 pair in the 5 months it took my heel to finally heal completely. Rest & stretching is the best thing you can do.


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