Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bike Rides

The last couple of months, we've gone on a few long bike rides.

We live near an entrance to a bike trail that parallels the river. It's a nice paved flat trail where you don't have to worry about cars, or traffic, crossing busy intersection, or noise! The bike trail is great, you only have occasional bike riders that pass you. This bike trail is secluded really, not near any streets, highways, etc.

We went on a bike ride Monday evening after dinner. We hoped on the bike trail and went the opposite direction in which we've gone before. We rode to a little rest stop where there was a few picnic tables and a restroom. It was 4.90 miles there. Once there we debated on making the 2 mile trek up to my parents house, knowing that the ride home from there would be down hill all the way home. But we decided to turn around and go the way we'd came as we would have have had to have made it up a hill in order to get to my parents.

Bike rides are a great way to get in extra exercise that isn't weight bearing on my bummed foot. It's also something fun we can do together as a family. We recently got Hannah's bike all tuned up and adjusted, which was most needed after her bike accident two years ago. And I got my first helmet! We've always been a family that promoted helmets when bike riding, scooter riding, even rollar skating at the local rink, and up until recently, I'd never had a helmet. Not any more. Our entire family now has helmets!

We'll be getting a hitch put on the new car in the next two weeks and then we can take our bikes with us when we go camping at the beach for a week next month! And I'm very much looking forward to that!

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Liz said...

Oh my gosh!!! I wish we had a trail like that. I could stand to do a family bike ride if we had something like that. The only place we have to ride them is on streets & it makes me a nervous wreck!!


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