Monday, July 1, 2013


I love my girl, but she can sure drive me crazy with all her obsessiveness when it comes to her fandom celebrities crushes. 

For the longest time it's been Josh Hutcherson, aka Peeta Mellark, from Hunger Games. But in the last month it's become actual Cast Members and characters at Disneyland! 

Last Thursday, we went to Disneyland because Hannah really wanted to go. She had an agenda. One was to see the new amazing performance of Mickey and the Magical Map and get pictures of a particular male performer. The other was to get a picture with Peter Pan. She rarely asks to go to Disneyland so I was happy to oblige her requests and try to fulfill her agenda. Although I was pretty skeptical that we'd find Peter Pan. He's kinda a hit and miss character. But low and behold she spotted him from afar and in line we got so she could get her picture!

It's been a very long time since she's asked to have her picture taken with any character, so I was beyond happy to snap away. Peter Pan and Wendy were amazing! They spent time chatting with Hannah and posed for this great picture. Thus a new crush has been formed. LOL. And needless to say, I have no doubt we'll be looking for Peter on our next trip to Disneyland! 

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