Friday, August 19, 2011

What a Week

The end of another week and what a week it's been!! I've been the PTA President officially for over 2 weeks, but I feel like this week was the first real week of that position. And I'm tired. LOL.

Tuesday after school we held our first PTA meeting of the new school year. I must say I was nervous leading up to the meeting. I kept hearing that many people were coming, but truth be told, people like to talk, but not commit, so I wasn't really holding my breath until the meeting actually came about.

We had over 40 people in attendance for the meeting!!! That is the most people we've had attend any single PTA meeting in YEARS! Last year, the most we ever had at meetings, not including the teachers and principal were a dozen. I was overwhelmed with the support and it was refreshing to see so many people come to the meeting, and offer up ideas when it was appropriate to do so.

I've learned quite a few things this week:

1) My crockpot is still my friend. There was one day I had a meeting with the 6th grade teachers after school and while it didn't last long, the other little 'hallway meetings' I ended up having did. I was happy to not have to think about dinner when I didn't arrive home until after 4:00.

2) I need to take a couple days a week where I'm not so visible at school. Because I am the new kid on the block, and people and teachers are excited that I've taken on this position, and I'm approachable, I appear to be the 'go to person' for everything, even unrelated PTA things.

3) People have misconceptions about what it is that the PTA does and does not do. Here are a few examples:
* It was not the PTA's choice to do away with the crossing guard, nor will we pay to have a new one put there.
* It was not the PTA who thought up Saturday school.
* It is not the PTA who came up with the nutritional rules that we now must abide by in our contest rewards, etc.
* It is not the PTA who buys 5-6 dozens of donuts every Friday for the staff and teachers and places them in the lounge.
* In addition to a few other misconstrued thoughts of PTA.

4) I do know it was the Lord who put me in this position. It is my hearts desire to be the best example I can when dealing with tough situations, tough emails, and tough people. The vice president is also a believer and it was such a blessing to quickly get together prior to our meeting on Tuesday and pray. And after dealing with some unhappy people this week, I think prayer is going to play a lot bigger factor for us as we endeavor things this school year.

I've probably put in 20-25 hours this week of time between the many duties I have at the school - Box Tops Coordinator, PTA President, Room Mom, and another committee I got involved in this week. My goal for the weekend: NO PTA or work associated with school. I'm taking the weekend off.

Tonight, Steven and I are going on a date night and I'm very much looking forward to that!

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