Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Separation of Church and State

This evening, I went to the city council meeting in the city where the girls go to school in, the city I was raised in.

I was there as our schools PTA President, on behalf of the concerned parents and families of our school in regards to the recent elimination of crossing guards as a result of budget cuts by our school district. I got up before the council and spoke.

As I stood there, with my eyes shut, listening to the opening prayer of one of the community's pastors, and then following the prayer with the reciting of the pledge of allegiance, something struck me as funny...

The world is so worked up over "the separation of church and state" and yet, we just opened up the city council meeting with a prayer, followed by an allegiance that states we're "One Nation Under God".

What is wrong with society?? Choosing when to let God be a part of government, etc.

It reminded me that it's how sometimes we as Christians can choose the things that the we 'give' to the Lord to work with, have control over, in our own lives. Do I have a "separation of church and state" attitude in my life?? Do You??

The Outcome of my Speaking: After I spoke, I left the meeting. I needed to get my girls home to bed, and about an hour ago, I received word that the city council voted to approve paying for three crossing guards for 30 days until a volunteer program can be put in place!!!! Yipppeeee!!!


Letti said...

I am going to be at the next PTA meeting I have some ideas that I have seen at my nieces and nephews schools :)

Darcy said...

AWESOME!!!! I cannot wait to hear what ideas you have!!


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