Saturday, August 6, 2011

Acquaintances VS Friends

We are continuing on in our Beth Moore Bible Study Video Series. Last week's video was on Friendships and boy did I learn a lot and it confirmed a lot of feelings I already I had in regards to friends.

But before I share about the teaching, a little history about me and friendships:

Growing up, I did not have a lot of friends, it was that way all through school. Having been raised in a Christian home, where I knew what was right and wrong, I was set apart in High School, I wasn't doing or into the things that the other kids were into. Which also made me different, and not really wanted much as a friend.

In the years to follow, I came to realize that while it was at times painful not to have a lot of friends growing up, I came to appreciate the specialness of having just one or two close friends. The kind of friends you could confide in, share things with, not be judged, etc.

That thinking stays with me to this day. I don't need a lot of friends. I am not one of those people who share everything to a lot of people. I don't need, or want, a lot of people knowing my innermost thoughts and feelings. I have one or two friends whom I confide in, look to for support, ask for prayer from, lean on. And I am perfectly happy with that.

Beth's Video on friendships hit home in so many areas for me. It was just the confirmation that I needed to hear.

First off, Beth Moore gave the difference between acquaintances and friends.

Acquaintances can be classified as those types of relationships that are "head to head relationships" and are socially satisfying. The types of people you can sit down with and have a conversation with, doing things with, but not really sharing a piece of yourself.

Friends are the types of relationships that are "heart to heart". They aren't relationships that are staged in an environment or setting. They happen freely.

I have a lot of acquaintances. Which when you use that word, seems so unfriendly sounding. But they are those relationships that are social, ones I can carry on conversations with, are pleasant to be with. But I don't share "me" with these friends. And then I have a few very close friends whom I call upon, text, and share my heart with, prayers with, etc. Those are my "heart to heart" friends. They encourage me, pray for me, comfort me and I hope I do the same for them. They are treasures.

The book of Proverbs is full of verses on friendships. And I could go on and on about this wonderful Bible Study on friends, but I'll just leave it at saying how blessed I was from this study and how much I gleaned...

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Jon and alyssa said...

In our "Girl Talk" bible study at Harvest, Cora Alley shared a very similar message, with a whole outline and visuals on your inner circle of friends, and so fourth.

It really got me thinking about that... I also only have a few friends that I confide in. I think, for you and I, it is easy to do that because we are so close with our mothers. I have a friend who is not close with her mother, and she really needs that close friend to confide in.

We are very lucky gals!


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