Friday, June 17, 2011

Ten Days

It's been ten days since school got out for summer vacation. I think we're in the swing of vacation now. No set bed times. No set get up time (ahhh, sleeping in is such bliss).

The girls and I have gone to Disneyland once. We saw the new summertime parade and are very much in need of another trip, perhaps next week!The girls spent two nights with their two cousins at the annual "Camp Gramma and Papa". My parents take all four of their grandchildren and they have a night of fun playing games, special treats, and awesome take home treat bags! This year my parents kept all four girls for two nights!! They had a blast!On Sunday afternoon, following our family bike ride, we returned home to find our neighbors BBQing and hanging out on the front lawn while kids went on the slip n slide. Rachel dawned her bathing suit and joined in the on fun. We hung out and talked to our neighbors, which was niceMonday, I drove into Los Angeles to the Fashion District and took my Mom to wholesale bead stores! She was overwhelmed by the abundance, the selection, the prices. It was fun! Then we went to Santee Alley and the girls loaded up on sunglasses, headbands, fishnet gloves, and colored hair extensions. On the way back to the freeway I drove past Skid Row and exposed them to the down and out homeless people literally living on the streets in cardboard homes. Needless to say, I think they appreciated the stop on the way home at McDonalds a little bit more than past trips. Because of the upcoming release to BluRay, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was released for one night only at our local theater. Hannah has become obsessed with those movies, or is it Orlando Bloom!?!? At any rate, she was only a baby when they were released at the theaters the first time around and has never seen them on anything bigger than our 32 inch TV. A daughters friend who is also into the movies was going and she offered to take Hannah. Hannah was EXCITED! Amber picked her up and they went to the mall food court for dinner and then went to their 3 hour and 50 minute movie. She'll go again the next two Tuesdays for parts two and three. Other highlights of our week include playing games and eating lunch on the patio. Enjoying the June Gloom and mildly cool temps for this time of year. As well as making cookies! What will the next ten days hold for us vacationing folk??! Hmm, I think for sure a trip to the Magic Kingdom, at least an evening at the movies for Hannah, and who knows what else. The possibilities are endless...

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