Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Got a Bike!

Steven has been riding bikes with the girls for a long time. With Rachel's training wheels recently coming off, they've gone on several rides about the neighborhood and to the local park, about a mile away. Hannah had outgrown her bike and has been borrowing a friends bike until we figured out if that was the right size for her, etc.

Last Sunday, she found a bike she liked at Kmart. And it happened that bikes were on sale. So she got a new bike. A few days later, after looking at a few I liked, I got a bike. It's the first bike I've had in probably 25 years! LOL. This afternoon, after we got home from church and had lunch, we went on our first family bike ride. Steven still has to map it all out, but we rode at least 5 miles! We went from our house to the local park (1.8 miles) and then took the bike trail home along the River bed.
The first few blocks the muscles in my thighs were starting to scream about how out of shape I'm in, but overall, it was a great ride and a lot of fun and i look forward to many more rides, especially when we go camping in July!

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Liz said...

I'm so jealous that you have all the cool bike trails!


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