Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Official!

School for the girls ended on Tuesday with a minimum day dismissal at 12:40. And two hours later we were walking through the gates of my happy place.

It was a busy two days, Monday and Tuesday, but I survived. Needless to say I'm very much looking forward to the 7 week break we have. No more packing lunches every morning. No more getting out the door by 7:30 five days a week. No homework. Not to mention the break from all the time I put in at the school this year. I roughly had to estimate my PTA time for our Historian recently, and I gave a very rough estimate of 280 hours of volunteer time. That doesn't include the hours spent in Rachel's classroom, or some of the other miscellaneous things I did on campus that were not PTA related. So I'm sure my hours were way over 400, if not close to 500. Definitely ready for a break!

My school year officially came to an end this morning. We had an early morning breakfast meeting to discuss the 2011-2012 PTA budget. It lasted hours. But once it was done, I breathed a sigh of relief and bid every one a good summer break with a promise to see them in August!

And now I look forward to lazy mornings sleeping in, trips to Disneyland with my girls, outtings with my Mom, a week camping trip at the beach in July and many more adventures!

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