Friday, December 31, 2010

A Story from Christmas

In November, when Rachel was in surgery, my Mom and sister-in-law and I wandered to the hospital gift shop. We needed to stretch our legs and hospital gift shops always have cute and unique things. My Mom and I have found many a wonderful treasures inside hospital gift shops.

Anyways, my Mom loves birds and she spotted the prettiest set of birds sitting atop one of the high shelves. I got it down for her, she looked at them, and decided not to get them after all. So back up onto the shelf they went.

The next evening, as Rachel had been discharged from the hospital and Steven was wheeling her out to the car, I stopped into the gift shop and bought that set of birds for my Mom for Christmas. Christmas morning comes and we are at my brother and sister-in-laws house and my Mom opens her present from us.

It was the birds.

My sister-in-law started laughing that we'd bought them. Turns out that her and my brother had gone to the hospital to buy my Mom the birds for Christmas and they were gone! No where to be fond. Not even anything similar to it. They had been bought. And they had been bought for the same person they had in mind. LOL.

Goes to show, you never know who's listening and paying attention to your likes and dislikes when browsing, even if it's the hospital gift shop!

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