Saturday, January 1, 2011


So how can I not blog on the coolest date of 2011?? LOL.

We spent New Years' Eve at the home of friends from church playing games, eating, and seeing the New Year in. Hannah opted for staying at Gramma and Papa's house and played cards with them and some of their friends that were over for the evening. Rachel, on the other hand, our little party girl, she opted to go with us and not only stayed awake the entire evening and saw the New Year in, but stayed awake for the five mile drive home, AND said she wanted to watch a movie when we got home after 12:30am. LOL. She put her jammies on, crawled into bed, and within 15 minutes of her movie on, she was out! And slept in until close to 9:00. Which has to be a record for her!

I also slept in until close to 9:00. I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. Mid morning, I discovered why. I had overdosed on antihistamines last night in an attempt to ward off any allergic reaction I might have had to the friends nine dogs and two cats wandering about the house.

So today, was pretty much a wash as far as getting anything done around here. I'm just now starting to not feel wiped out and drugged out. But then we're approaching the 24 hour mark of the first antihistamine I took! LOL.

We have one more day before Steven returns to work after being off for eleven days! And while the rest of the surrounding school districts prepare to go back to school on Monday, my girls are off for one more week!!! And no matter what, come rain or shine, whether I have to dawn oversized trash bags and endure the rain, we are going to Disneyland on Monday!! And perhaps another day before the week is up! LOL.

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