Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Technology ROCKS!

This day is coming to an end. In addition to a ton of other things running through my mind about today, the one thing that we've used and are grateful for today was modern technology. Here are some reasons that Technology totally ROCKS:

Reason #1- We were given a pager at the information desk this morning upon checking in after Rachel being taken to surgery. Throughout the entire time that Rachel was in surgery, we received periodic texts as to how things were going, etc.

Reason #2 - Steven and I were able to keep friends and our church family up to speed with how things were going by updating our Facebook statuses through our iPhones.

Reason #3 - WiFi. Loma Linda University Children's Hospital has come a long way in four years since our last hospital stay with Rachel. Every where throughout the facility there is WiFi. Which has allowed me to blog throughout the day to Rachel's Journey with details and pictures as to how Rachel is doing.

Reason #4 - The power of texting. When we were first informed that Rachel had been taken to recovery and that I was able to go and be with her, I was able to text Steven from the Recovery Room and not only let him know how our girl was, but I texted pictures and even a video for him and my family to see who'd all been patiently waiting in the lobby for HOURS! I was also able to text several other friends from Rachel's recovery room bedside. :)

Reason #5 - Video Chat/Facetime. Hannah is too young to visit Rachel up here on the patient ward. So are her young cousins who'd been waiting in the lobby since getting out of school. Through the camera on our laptop, and the camera on my Mom's iPod Touch, we were able to video chat from Rachel's bed down to Hannah and the kids in the lobby. This was absolutely amazing that this could be done.

Reason #6 - My iPod and my music. When I finally feel like I can't stay awake any longer and must put this laptop away, I have my iPod that will hopefully not only drowned out the beeping and the alarms of the machines of Rachel and the baby in the next bed, but also the crying and the unit noise just outside this door!

Today, I'd say we've used technology to it's fullest in just about every aspect there is. Today, we were true technology geeks!

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