Friday, October 22, 2010

Box Tops Contest Comes to an End

As I've mentioned before, this year, I took over the position of Box Tops Coordinator for our school. Since the first day of school, I've been collecting Box Tops out of my box in the office and keeping track of the counts for each classroom, rewarding classrooms for every 300 Box Tops brought in, etc.

That contest came to an yesterday. And I am excited to share that we collected 24,293 Box Tops just in the last 12 weeks!!! That amount is over 7,000 more than what our school collected this time last year!

Thankfully, the coordinator who I took over for already had a great system in place for staying on top of the count, etc. So when the contest came to an end on Thursday afternoon at 2:30, all I had to do was count what I had collected that day (can you believe I collected 2,604 in just one day!!) and then verify all my counts and package them up!

This is what 440 snack bags of 50 Box Tops in each bag looks like! In other words, this is what 22,000 individual Box Tops looks like organized!! And here, is the box that has those 440 bags, as well as another 6456 Box Tops in Bonuses for a grand total to send in to the company for 28,495 Box Tops! I had some Box Tops that were collected at the end of the school year last year to send in. But in December, our school will receive a check for $2,849.50! It's been fun watching the amounts come in, the competition amongst the classes rise, and the excitement of seeing our numbers increase from last year!!


Becky K. said...

Great job! I used to be the Boxtop coordinator for our homeschool co-op. It was so amazing to see the dollars add up from this simple source.

Becky K
Hospitality Lane

Joy Howse said...

Great job on the Box Tops!!! I always love seeing them all collected in one place. :) Tomorrow is my boxing up day as long as the sick kiddo cooperates. How is the bus bulletin board working out? Seems to be a real motivator for 95% of our school. The other 5% I don't think much of anything would ever work, but who knows.


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