Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Bags 4 Kids

Yesterday morning, as I was browsing about the internet, reading the local newspaper websites and I stumbled across this local news article. I went to the website the article listed, Birthday Bags 4 Kids and started looking around.

I found their list of accepted donations and it make me think about how I had straightened up my gift/game closet earlier in the day and how I had this abundance of gift bags. And then I got to thinking about the two rubbermaid boxes of beanie babies that someone at church had brought to me for the girls this past weekend. Both were accepted donations. So I emailed the lady, inquiring about a possible drop off this morning as I had errands to run in her neck of the woods.

She emailed back and told me they'd be there this morning. So after a couple errands, my Mom and I stopped by their warehouse.

My girls' birthdays have always been a special event in our house. When we've had parties, I try my best to theme it to the max and be as creative as I can. When we've not had parties beyond that of the grandparents and the only local uncle and aunt and cousins, I've still done their birthdays up special. Birthdays are special, and they deserve to be celebrated no matter how small or how big. So when we toured this small warehouse today, it really touched me.

With the holidays approaching, there are so many opportunities this time of year to take part in making sure those families that are in need have something. But what about the other ten-eleven months out of the year?? What about the kids' birthdays?? Birthday Bags 4 Kids is something that runs all year long and is growing and growing.

The Birthday Bags 4 Kids warehouse was just that. A warehouse. But inside those four walls, you could feel the love and generosity of many people. Generosity through things donated, through time volunteered, through the thought and care that went into packaging the bags. The space was very well organized. Pink bins for girls, blue bins for boys. All labeled and broken down into age ranges. Each birthday bag gets a large item from the top shelf, as well as a few smaller things from the bins. The birthday bag isn't just ONE present, it's filled. Besides the birthday presents, cake mixes, a tub of frosting, and candles are put into the bag as well. And as if that wasn't enough, they include festive party paper plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths, and streamers. It's a party in a bag, just waiting to fall into the hands of a special child!How many times are cake mixes and frostings on sale!?!?

How many times do we pick up a couple packages of napkins thinking we'll use them all and only open one package??!?!

How many gift bags do we have overflowing in closets, thinking we'll use them again, but don't!?!?

How many gifts do our kids get that are sometimes not age appropriate and could be used by another child?!?!?!

How many times do you shop the clearance rack at Target and pick those gifts up to use as birthday presents for any upcoming parties your child might get invited to and then forget about?!?!

Seeing this today, brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome opportunity. I asked Julie, the founder, if I could come back with future donations. And I asked her about volunteer time and coming and helping fill bags. She was a very friendly person and I'm so happy to have stumbled across this awesome organization. It really touched my heart and I hope to go back and give some of my time once we get through Rachel's surgeries and the holidays.

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