Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summertime Memories: Summer Bargain Movies

Back when my brother and I were kids, summer vacation was from the middle of June until after Labor Day in September. There was a good three months of vacation that my Mom had to keep us entertained.

One of the things that we did every summer was to take advantage of the free summer movies that the local movie theater provided. It was a set day, set time, and every week there was a different movie. I think they might have been free. But every week, on that set day, my Mom took us to the movies.

And the same holds true for me today with my own kids. At the end of the school year, I research the three local theaters that offer the bargain movies and make a list of what's showing at what theater and when and post it on our fridge. And depending on what's showing, we go to the movies a few times during our summer break, which isn't nearly as long as it was when we were kids.

Depending on the theater it's a $1.00, but one of the theaters is free. Make a trip to the Dollar Tree before hand for a bottle of soda and a box of candy and it's a morning of cheap entertainment that's fun!

Check out your local theaters and see if bargain summer movies are available near you!

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