Monday, July 12, 2010

Kidless for a Few Days

Our girls left midday Friday, and aren't due to return until tomorrow, or so I've been told, they are with their Gramie, my mother in law.

What have I been doing with my free time you might wonder...?

I made a trip to Costco on Friday. Came home and started a "chick flick" marathon and folded some laundry. Friday night we went to Claim Jumper for dinner, thanks to a gift card we'd won at Bunco last month. Followed by a trip to Golden Spoon for yogurt, where we got it 'to go' so that we could enjoy it later in the evening after our dinner had settled. Steven worked on a home improvement project and I finished up the day with yet another chick flick on Lifetime.

Saturday was more of the same, watching Chick Flicks, catching up on some Food Network shows, Steven working on church things. We went to a late afternoon movie, followed by dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with yet another very generous gift card that not only covered our dinner, and two pieces of cheesecake to go (and later enjoy at home), but part of the tip as well.

Sunday morning we went to church, followed by lunch with friends and then home to putter for a while before meeting up with some other friends for an early dinner and off to an evening church service, only to be followed up by a stop off at somewhere else to eat and hang out. Sunday was a day of fellowshipping and eating and enjoying not having to answer the usual questions that we must face when in our 'parent roles'. LOL.

Today, well, the "Date Weekend" has come to an end and it's back to work for Steven. As for me, I'm puttering about the house, getting things in order, making a grocery list for a trip later in the week. I have a load to take to the Salvation Army I should make, a trip to the post office to make, a few things to pick up at Target or Walmart, a gift card to Jamba Juice to use, and then perhaps home, to sit and watch a few more chick flicks...

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