Wednesday, May 5, 2010


To say the last few weeks have been busy would be an understatement! I've fallen so far behind in my blogging and I've missed it to say the least.

So far this week, my mornings are empty, and it's allowing me time to catch up on things about the house, our accounting, getting things put away from this last weekend, and even catch up on blogging.

This last weekend was The Spring Tea at our church that my Mom and I coordinated. It was absolutely beautiful, and I'll share pictures and details in another post.

Every evening of the weekend was full and come midday Sunday I was so exhausted. Monday morning wasn't pretty either.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at the school. It's the first time that I've had two girls who's school expressed teacher appreciation the same week. So I've been staying atop of the list of things and how we can express our appreciation every day to both our teachers. It's fun to walk onto campus in the mornings and see all the kids with vases of flowers, and other gifts of appreciation. This afternoon, the PTA will be decorating the library in anticipation for the luncheon for the teachers tomorrow. I can't wait to see how the coordinator plans on turning the library into a beautiful lunch setting.

We are down to less than six weeks of school left. And if the last eight months are any indication as to how quickly time goes, then the next six weeks are going to fly by. Hannah has had such a great school year, I'm really sad to see her school year coming to an end. The teacher is amazing and does such creative and fun things and Hannah has grown academically in her class. Rachel's school year coming to an end is a bittersweet one. I'll be glad to see her move on, do the fun things that 1st grade holds for her, especially if she gets the teacher I requested, but on the other hand, it'll mean she'll be in school all day long, just like her sister. It'll be an adjustment having both girls gone all day, but I'm sure that first trip to Disneyland I make in the middle of the week will help ease the adjustment!

This next weekend is another busy one with a woman's worship night to attend on Friday, the local community day on Saturday, a possible visit to Steven's mom's on Saturday night to celebrate Mother's Day with her, and then Sunday, there's church and an afternoon BBQ at my brother and sister in laws house. I am looking forward to lounging about, maybe sitting by their pool and just relaxing!

And from there, it's the start of the wind down of the school days, PTA nominations, parties, promotion ceremony for Rachel.

And again I say....where does the time go???

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Joy Howse said...

There always seems like there is something to do. I am starting to think about the end of this busy school year with much anticipation and excitment. Andrew will move on to middle school and Lexi will start full day. My schedule will change drastically not having to make that middle day run to the school, but Aiden will sure miss having a buddy at home to play with. Mom is boring according to him. :) Enjoy these next few weeks as they fly by. :)


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