Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Sister in Law Totally ROCKS!

The name Pioneer Woman, aka PW, or Ree, is pretty well known throughout the internet world. Her website The Pioneer Woman is one of the few websites I check on a daily basis.

Last Fall, she released her cookbook. I got my cookbook and there isn't a recipe of hers, either on her website, or in the cookbook, that I haven't liked!

Following the release of her cookbook, she went on tour. She came to Los Angeles and I really, really wanted to go and meet her and have her sign my cookbook, but we live an hour on this side of L.A. and she was at a bookstore an hour on the other side of L.A. Two hour drive, probably more with traffic just wasn't a good idea. So I didn't go.

Last month, PW did a few cities on a Spring tour for her cookbook and she came to a nearby town that my sister in law lives in. When I found out my sister in law was going to go to her book signing, I teasingly asked her to get Ree to sign a card for me so that I could paste it into my cookbook. This is the picture on Kim's Facebook page with the caption reading "Oh, and could you please sign a card for my dorky sister-in-law too? She missed you when you were in her area." And guess what...she did!!! Kim mailed me the card and I got it over the weekend! I was excited that my sister in law did that for me!!! Thanks Kim! I'm off to paste it into my cookbook!


Carolyn said...

Next time let me know Darc ~ I don't mind driving at all, and love an adventure!! p.s. Her recipe's are the best, even I enjoy cooking along with her :)

Darcy said...

Will do!

Kim said...

LOL! I'm glad you got it safe and sound. :)

By the way, I like the glasses!

Darcy said...

Oh yes, those are my new glasses. :) Thanks! I Like them too!


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