Friday, April 16, 2010

Letting Go...

Yesterday morning, I put my ten year old daughter on a school bus for an overnight field trip with her class. It was the first time she's been away overnight with people other than those that are family or friends. It was the first time in all the years of preschool field trips and field trips every school year thus far, that I have not been allowed to accompany the class, either with them on the school bus, or with a group of Moms following behind in our own cars.

And you know was not easy.

I had tears in my eyes watching the class gather their gear and load up onto the bus. It was hard watching the bus pull out of the school driveway and whisk down the road. It was hard not getting in the car with the other moms left behind and following the bus.

But I survived.

And it helped that in this day and age of technology, I received a picture via text. I got updates through statuses on Facebook from one of the parents who was on the trip. And other updates from a friend who's husband had snuck off the ship to use the bathroom and called home in the process. LOL.

The school bus is due to return to school in the next hour or two. And I cannot wait to get my Hannah and hear all about her day yesterday. And her adventures of 'keeping watch' in the night and what it was like to sleep on a Tall Ship. And what it was like being away on a field trip without her Mom or her Dad. :)

This adventure has definitely been a step in "letting go".

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