Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One MASSIVE Yard Sale

Hannah belongs to a private girls club called "The Jesus Chicks". A friend of mine started it up over a year ago and once a month the group of 15 girls ages 9-12 meet for crafts, educational activities, all the while keeping Jesus in the center of it all.

In July, our monthly activity will be spending the night in the Shark Encounter Exhibit at SeaWorld. The tickets are $130 a person and both Hannah and myself will be going.

We had a Yard Sale this last weekend to help raise some funds. For weeks, we've been taking donations from friends and family. Last weekend, our church donated the leftovers of our rummage sale to the Jesus Chicks Yard Sale, as did the Community Center in which the rummage sale was held. We had a TON of stuff to sell.

We pulled everything out on Friday to sort and see what we had. Not really planning on making a whole lot. But we did! We made $180 on Friday. And then turned around early Saturday morning and pulled everything back out and sold again into the mid afternoon, making close to $200. Here, Lori sits in the midst of the women's and men's clothes, sorting, trying to keep it all organized. We had a ton of clothes and sold them for 50 cents a piece. We had a tarp with childrens, toddler, and babies clothes as well. We had soooo much stuff leftover. But the great news is, we packed it all up, put it back in to the garage of the house we sold at, and all that stuff will be donated to another church rummage sale this coming weekend!!! Paying it forward!

The money that was made over the course of the two days was split amongst the Moms and their daughters who worked the sale. And the great news is that between the two days of mine and Hannah working, we earned just over $100 towards our SeaWorld trip!! Whooo Hooo! I'm so glad that Yard Sale is behind us! It was a lotof work!


Kim said...

I had the weirdest dream night before last about our neighbor having a huge yard sale that started before dawn and she spread all her trash and worst stuff all over our yard too! I think part of the reason I dreamed it was because I saw your mobile upload pic of this yard sale on facebook a couple days ago. LOL!

Letti said...

You made a good amount of money. That sounds like a fun trip. At our church we have a program just like that and its called achievement girls. They get together every other Wednesday and it is for girls 8-11. They have goals they have to pass off and they learn how to do girl things. Like taking care of their hair, washing clothes, cooking, doing service for others, etc. It sounds very similar.

Liz said...

I would've LOVED to come shopping at that sale!!!


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