Monday, March 29, 2010

A Devotional to Share

A few years back, I came across a blog about a woman who had taken in her niece and nephew as the result of a tragic accident. I bookmarked the blog, and continued to come back often to keep up on on how the family was doing. Long story short, the niece and nephew are no longer with Liz and her family.

But through our blogs, and through emails back and forth to one another, Liz has become a dear Christian sister.

She wrote this devotional on her blog this past week, and I loved it so much, I had to share it.

I am what you might call 'directionally challenged'. Unless you're asking me how to get out of my neighborhood or how to get to my church, there's a good chance I'll give you screwed up directions. I don't like driving long distances. Around town is one thing, but any great distance requires a navigator. Usually, one named Larry. When I give directions, I give them by landmarks. You know, go to CVS & take a left. Go down past Walmart & turn right. Please don't give me north/south/east/west directions. I'll never reach the destination.

Similar to my directional skills, I find myself going through life living by 'landmarks' as well. Those big moments or major memories that stand out....the ones that we gauge everything else by. The ones that form the timeline of our lives. Things like "ABC happened the week before grandma died." or "DEF was before we moved to the house on Main Street, but after we lived in the apartment."

It struck me this today a landmark? Will my family look back & say "that happened right after XYZ." (note: XYZ=things that happened today)

We don't know if today will be our last day with our spouse or our children. We never know when a car wreck will occur or when someone will have a heart attack or when a terminal illness will strike. Will you still be alive tomorrow? Will you remember this day for the rest of your life, whether for good or bad reasons? Life is uncertain. Scripture tells us that our days are like grass (Psalm 103). We grow for a short time & then we're gone. We are not promised tomorrow.

Is today a landmark day in your life?

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Liz said...

Oh are such a sweetheart! I count you as one of my sweetest blessings in life!


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