Friday, March 26, 2010

Singing the Joys of totally rocks! We've used it a time or two before. We have friends who use it for all their hotel get aways, most of the time, getting four star rooms for as low as $50 a night.

We used Priceline for our anniversary vacation and scored a four star hotel in Newport Beach, across from Fashion Island, for $50 a night!! When I checked the website, a King Room was listed for $177 a night, the back of the hotel room door said the room could go for $325 a night. But we got it for $50 a night thanks to Priceline.

We ended up paying a little more once you add in the $18 a day to park, and the $10.95 internet fee, but even with those added expenses, it was still a really inexpensive nights stay at a very nice hotel. This was our room before we moved in.The hotel was HUGE. It had over 400 rooms and three very large pools. The parking was quite a bit aways from our room, so every time we came and went we walked through the beautiful grounds. It was a beautiful place to stay for a few days. And another positive experience in a four star hotel thanks to If you've never used it before, I highly recommend trying it out!!


Kim said...

Yeah, we love Priceline too! That looks like a very nice hotel room you had. :)

When we stayed in Valencia last November, we got a suite (two rooms!) in a very nice hotel for just $40 for the night! It was awesome. Our best deal was a stay in Seattle (Bellevue actually) at a Homestead Suites for $25 a night...brand new hotel at the time. Of course that was almost nine years ago, but it was incredible. :) Here's to great deals!!

Liz said...

Very nice! :)


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