Sunday, January 3, 2010

Parents 40th Wedding Anniversary

Today, our family celebrated my parents' 40th wedding anniversary!

What a true blessing it is to celebrate such an accomplishment in these days and times of people divorcing after 20, 30 years of marriage. My parents have always been a great example of a good and Godly marriage to both myself and to my brother, and for that, I am truly thankful.The celebration started off with my bringing a sheet cake to church to share with our church family. It was a yummy cake, chocolate with white frosting, beautiful red roses. I took a picture of it, however, my camera was on the fritz this afternoon and I ended up loosing some pictures I'd taken today. I'm rather sad about it.

Following the church service, our family of ten - my parents, my brother and sister in law and two girls, and our family of four, all went to The Mission Inn for their Sunday Brunch. It's a beautiful feast of everything imaginable. Breakfast foods, fine cuts of meat such as Prime Rib, Tri Tip, Ham. Fresh fruit. Pastries galore. A variety of salads. And a dessert table filled with everything you could possibly want in the form of sweets. Including a chocolate fountain, which the little girlies all loved and went back for more, several times!

We were seated on the patio and what a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy one another's company and all the good food. The Mission Inn was where we as a family celebrated my 21st birthday, as well as my brothers, so it was a nice place to celebrate such a special milestone as our parent's 40th anniversary!

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