Friday, December 25, 2009

Is It Really Over??

It's Christmas night.

The presents have all been opened. Food has all been dug into and leftovers carefully stowed in the fridge. The dishes have have been washed. Christmas china put away. The mess of the day all picked up. The house has even been vacuumed. The girls and Steven are sitting here on the floor putting some new toys together.

And I'm sitting here in disbelief that the Christmas is officially over. I can't believe it really.

It seems like this season flew by. I'm kinda sad. I love this time of year - the music, the decorations, the festiveness, and most importantly, what the season represents.

The decorations in our house will stay up for another week. As we have a busy weekend ahead with Steven's mother coming tomorrow to do Christmas and then church and a birthday party on Sunday afternoon, and packing for camping come Monday.

I'm hoping to have friends over on New Years Eve, so the house can stay decorated for that and then we'll work on taking the stuff down that weekend. And so until then...I'll just keep on enjoying my lit tree and keep on disbelieving that 2009 will soon be over, in a matter of days...

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O said...

I enjoyed your site. I feel sorry about the end of the christmas holiday as well. Please have a happy and prosperous New Year.


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