Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Camping at Vail Lake

We returned home late this afternoon after camping for the last three days at the Vail Lake Resort, just outside of Temecula. It was only about 45 minutes from home, but just far enough away to feel as though you've escaped into a different part of the state.We went camping with three other families who had trailers or a motorhome, and then two couples either spent the night in a hotel or went home and came back. But in all there were 22 people in our group. All people from our church family. All people we love spending time with. Although, we were missing one or two of the 'regular' families who we camp with at the beach. We'd been watching the forecasted temperatures for the area for the ten days leading up to camping. There were some days there was predicted rain, and even that kept changing. But the fact that it was going to be in the mid to high 30's as the low never changed. We were offered beds in one of the trailers and we took up that offer for our girls, but Steven and I braved the cold and slept in our tent - under about every single blanket we own! As well as our two heavy duty sleeping bags! Often at night, when we went to bed, checking the temperature found it to be about 38 degrees. And upon waking in the morning, you could see your breath as you lie there debating how badly you really had to go to the bathroom!! We had fires both nights, we had to. It was COLD. We didn't start off with enough fire wood, so on Tuesday, the men went scouting for firewood and came back with a truck load for Tuesday night and even Wednesday morning. We missed our friends who we usually camp with so much that we all felt the need to text and send them pictures, here we are, bundled up around the campfire, texting and emailing pictures to our friends Scott and Paula. They felt loved. On Tuesday, it was a beautiful, beautiful day. Starting off chilly in the shade, so we found sun to stand in. The campground was all grass with the exception of the gravel and paved driveways for the cars and trailers. It was a beautiful campground with lots of trees and even tree swings for the kids. Tuesday we played games (Loaded Question, Mexican Train, Phase 10) and the kids all played, Daddies went on hikes and bike rides, and we just enjoyed being with each other and fellowshipping and laughing. It was a great day.When we go camping with this bunch of friends, we may sleep in a tent, but that's really the extent of our 'roughing it'. Our friends are always hospitable (as evidenced by allowing our children to sleep with them inside) and we always have an endless supply of good food and snacks. While I'm not a coffee drinking woman, I can appreciate the convenience of camping with friends with hook up for the electric coffee makers. This camping trip, we had the big gun in coffee pots! Two pots always on or brewing and lots of yummy creamers to choose from! Yeah, we were really roughing it, weren't it?!?!? LOL. We paid for a late check out on Wednesday and didn't have to be off our three sites until 5:00. But it was COLD and cloudy and even started to rain. The skies weren't looking too promising of clearing up, so we started packing up camp about 11:30. It was so cold, we needed a fire going all morning and sat around it most of the morning.

We had a great time. After the busy month we've had. After the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. All the functions and parties and events we've been to. It was so good to have a few days of sitting, relaxing, and hanging out with our friends. We had a lot of good conversations, some good laughs, a lot of good food, and new memories made. It was a great way to end 2009!!


Leah said...

This is my idea of a great weekend!! I love camping!! =)

Kim said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I definitely would sleep better camping in the cold if I knew my kids were snug and warm, so that was great that they got to sleep in the trailor.


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