Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Here!

It's official, it's the Eve of Christmas Eve and I think it's safe to say, it's Christmas. The gifts are wrapped and are beneath the tree, the house is clean!!, the cheesecake is started and is awaiting it's next step tomorrow morning. Everything looks great and we're ready.

I feel like this Christmas season has completely flown by. Perhaps it's because I've been so busy at the girls' school. I'm not sure.

I'm sad it's just about over. And I'm sad that I didn't get a couple more trips to Disneyland in while it's decked out for my favorite season. As of tonight, we're blacked out until January 3rd. Which stinks, because years past, we've gone on New Years Day and we can't this year because we'll be blocked.

Steven starts vacation today. With the two long holiday weekends, and the four days he took off as vacation next week, he'll be off eleven days!!! It'll be great!


Joy Howse said...

As Andrew said, "today is Christmas Adam and tomorrow is Christmas Eve" Gotta love 10 yr old humor. :) Hope you and the entire family have a wonderful Christmas.

Liz said...

I'm with you. It does seem like the season has flown by! Hard to believe this year is already just about over!


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