Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reliable Cars and Friends

Isn't that a great title for today's post? LOL.

4. Being thankful for reliable cars may seem a bit silly, but with all the running I do as a Stay at Home Mom, I need my car to be up and running. Four of the five days a week, I make three trips to the school alone. That doesn't include all the other errands and running that I do. There have been times when my van has been down and out and in the shop and thankfully we have a second car to get us around. I do like my mini van better, but it's still a great car and very reliable.

5. Friends - Growing up, I didn't have a lot of friends. And at times, it was very hard. But I think it's for the very reasons of not having many friends growing up, that I know now that you don't need a lot of close, best friends. You only need a few friends that you can totally rely on, confide in, and get Biblical and sound advice and encouragement from.

Since we changed churches over 5 years ago, the Lord has blessed me with quite a few girlfriends. And I truly cherish each one.

Then there are the friends who you don't talk to regularly, or see regularly, but whenever you do, it's like picking up right where you left off. Yesterday, I met five of those friends for lunch. It was great!! And we need to do it more often. It's nice to meet up with friends who are in different stages of motherhood who can encourage, advise, and laugh with.


Letti said...

I agree. I do not talk to any of the girls that I hung out with in High School. I do however talk to girls that I knew in High School but not very well. Most of the peopel I talk to have kids the same age as mine so we have more in common.

I have a question. Tomorrow I want to take Kaidee to Disneyland for her birthday. We let our passes expire last year but since she gets in free tomorrow can I use that towards a pass if I get her in tomorrow? Other wise I will wait until she gets it for Christmas but I thought that if I can use that towards a pass than I will adjust my schedule and take her. Can you let me know? Thanks

Karen said...

Hi Darcy, I found your blog through the Giving Thanks Challenge. I can so appreciate being thankful for a reliable car! I feel the same way about mine.

I did a post on meeting Pioneer Woman at her book signing in Denver. I LOVE her cookbook. I almost hugged my UPS man when he delivered it:)

♥Mimi♥ said...

Yes, a reliable car. Who cares what it looks like as long as it runs and will get you to the store all in on piece.

Good friends - now those are them gems that hold you together when you feel like your parts are getting scattered all over.

jabblog said...

A reliable car is a real boon. Having had several cars that let me down at various times I breathe a silent prayer these days when I have to travel.

Leah said...

Friends are great and necessary - blog friends OR "in real life" friends. What a blessing!

~ Leah


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