Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November - The Thankful Month - Part II

I was thinking about this current project of making a list on my sidebar of the things I am thankful for this month and I got to thinking that rather than just list them, I would like to write more in depth as to why I listed that particular thing in which I am thankful for. There may be some days I group a few together, but rather than just write my list, I want to to write in more detail of my gratitude.

So here goes:

1. My Husband's Job - In these difficult and hard economic times, where so many people have lost their job, are out of a job, are struggling financially, I am thankful for my husbands job.

My husband is a web designer. He programs and does all the technological stuff behind websites. He works for a company that was once based in Los Angeles, but about 7 years ago, they shut that office down, laid everyone except two people off, and moved to the location of the parent company in Phoenix. He was one of the two that survived many levels of lay offs, and has worked from home ever since. I'm thankful that he works from home. I know a lot of women who question my liking him being home all the time, but I love it. He is available and flexible to attend parent/teacher conferences, student of the month assemblies, the girls' performances, Rachel's major medical appointments, and the list goes on. I absolutely LOVE having him work from home and I would be heart broken if the day ever comes that he has to actually commute farther than our bedroom down the hall to the office.

His job is the sole provider of income for our family. And despite a small pay cut last March, which has since been given back, we've for the most party been just fine through this 'economic crisis'. We've made a few adjustments here and there, mostly requiring us to be better steward of our money, but I've not had to find a job and go back to work. His job pays the mortgage, all the bills and provides for our every need and a lot of our wants!

2. Our Health - It seems like so many people these days have health issues of some sort. We have been very blessed with good health. Yes, we've had a daughter born with a birth defect, but she is healthy, and her defects aren't anything that surgery hasn't already and will fix in the years to come. I am very thankful we are healthy. As are the immediate members of both our sides of family.

3. Our Health Insurance - We've seen our share of medical/hospital bills through the years. We've seen our explanation of benefits and the amount of what the bills should have been, had we not have insurance. I'm so thankful we have good health insurance.

Besides being thankful for coverage, I'm extremely thankful that as of right now, we still have the freedom to choose our doctors and medical facilities. Just this morning, I say my GYN Nurse Practitioner for my yearly appointment. I've been going to her for almost 20 years. I've established a rapport with her and she knows a lot of my history, as well as saw me through my pregnancy with Hannah. I'm thankful my insurance allows me to choose to go to her. My pediatrician is another doctor I would hate to loose. I've been with him nine years and I trust him, he's a good doctor and my kids love him and aren't afraid to go to the doctor.

We don't know what lies ahead of us as a nation and whether or not we'll be forced into a Universal Health Plan. So it's for this very reason, I am so very thankful for our current freedom to choose.


♥Mimi♥ said...

What a lovely list for today! Feeling secure is one of our basic needs for good mental health.

Joyce said...

Hi...just visiting today from Leah's blog. I'm trying to get around to all the blogs on the Thanksgiving list. I may follow your lead and write more about some of my list.

Amen to #3...we've just moved back to the US from the UK...we lived there for 6 years and my husband works for a medical company. I have an awful lot to say about gov't run universal health care as that is the system there. Best I not go there but rather, like you, I'll just echo my thanks for choice.

Leah said...

I'm like Joyce - better not get me started on Obamacare!

But, my interest WAS piqued when I read that your husband is a web designer! I need help! I have been maintaining a website, but have been hired to create a brand new one. The old one used Front Page Express (I can hear your Hubby laughing!) which was easy to manage. I've got both Front Page and Expressions now, and I am totally lost. I know exactly what I want, but don't know how to get there! If he would be willing to offer a little advice, I would be eternally grateful!! He could email me privately.

Off to read your other posts...

~ Leah


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