Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Passing of Friends' Parents

I've become Facebook Friends with a lot of my childhood friends. Friends I grew up with, friends I went to elementary, jr high, and even high school with. And in the last six months, quite a few of those friends have lost one of their parents.

The father of my best friend growing up died last month of lung cancer. While we grew apart in high school and went separate ways following graduation, I reconnected with her about a year ago through Facebook. Her Dad was always so nice and welcoming when I spent time at their house, which was a lot through the elementary school years.

The father of another friend whom I've known since I was Rachel's age died 6 months ago due to complications of Diabetes. The mother of a friend lost her battle to breast cancer about 5 years ago. And in the last day, another elementary school friend shared of his mother's passing. All the losses are so sad.

It seems weird when I hear of the passing of a parent of a person my age. I know death can come at any time, but these parents who have passed have all been relatively young. Sure makes you thankful for the healthy parents you do have!

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